Protecting your crew’s health is our business

As a specialist broker, Health Cover Now assists seafarers and superyacht crews in finding comprehensive health plans that include private health insurance and wellness programs. To meet the complex needs of our maritime customers, we strive to provide the highest levels of service in the industry.


Depending on your requirements, we can offer individual and group insurance and coverage for immediate family members. Adding Group Health Insurance to a ship’s P&I policy can cover accidents and illnesses that occur while the crew is onshore. One of the best ways to attract new employees, keep them on board, and inspire them is to implement a comprehensive group health insurance plan.


We offer affordable plans to cover Crew and Seafarers who work on all vessel types.  Whether you’re a crew management company, vessel owner, captain or crew member rest assured that you have the best team behind you from Health Cover Now.


We focus on medical insurance, so you can concentrate on what matters most; keeping your vessel operational and moving through the world’s oceans.

Key features of your policy

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    All Vessels

    International Health Cover for all vessel and crew types

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    Emergency Support & Medevac

    24/7 Emergency Support services Full coverage for medevacs and repatriation

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    Covid-19 Coverage

    Covid insurance certificates to suit the mobility needs of your employees

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    Exclusive Maritime Plans

    Plans have been specifically designed for the maritime sector

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    Pre-Existing Conditions Covered

    Group applications do not need to disclose medical conditions under a medical history disregarded policy

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    Health Cover for Families

    Extended cover options for family members at home

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    My Health Portal

    Manage your policy directly, seek advice on benefits and track your claims progress

What are the standard benefits of an international medical insurance policy?

These are some of the standard benefits included in an international medical insurance policy.

(*subject to change depending on your provider)

Inpatient Benefits

Hospitalizations in private or semi-private rooms

Inpatient Surgeries

Cancer Treatment

Transplant Services and Kidney Dialysis

Diagnostic Procedures

Advanced Medical Imaging (MRI, CT, PET)

Organ Transplants

Ambulance Cover

Emergency Dental

Emergency Evacuation that includes travel costs

Medical Repatriation that includes Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Outpatient Benefits

Inpatient benefits plus the following

Consultations with GPs and Specialists

Outpatient Surgeries

Diagnostic Tests

Emergency Dental

Prescription Medication

Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Treatment

Complimentary Therapies such as Acupuncture, Osteopathy and Podiatry

Speech Therapists and Dieticians

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Add-On Benefits

Maternity Cover (Routine and Complications)

Dental Cover

Annual Health Checks (Pap Smears, Mammograms, Cancer Screenings)

Child Immunizations and Vaccinations

Vision and Eye Tests and Prescriptions Glasses

Second Medical Opinion

Travel Insurance

Supporting crew management companies, captains, seafarers and crew members

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International health insurance broker for seafarers and crew on superyachts

Superyacht Industry Insights

Crew Mental Health Issues

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasized the need to better understand and manage employee mental health and well-being.
  • Greater concern in the maritime industry and amongst seafarers and crew due to long time periods spent at sea.
  • A study of 1,211 superyacht crew members shows 64% of respondents had a mental health issue during 2020 with burnout being a major factor.
  • Of those respondents surveyed 38% cited anxiety, 29% depression, and 27 % self-esteem issues to be major factors.
  • Discrimination factors based on sex, race, and appearance have been an ongoing issue in the industry.
  • On a positive note, 72% of crew surveyed have confidence in their employers to provide support.

Source: Faststream and Yotspot

Mental health and well being resources and training for crew and seafarers
Mental health resources and training for seafarers

Shipping Industry Insights

Crew Mental Health Issues

  • Amongst seafarers results of recent surveys are even more concerning
  • 75% of seafarers surveyed felt trapped as the pandemic reduced shoreside visitation
  • 62% felt their mental health needs were not being prioritized ahead of operational ones
  • 54% felt that they were not being provided with sufficient resources to manage and cope with fatigue and stress

Source: Lloyds Register

“In my 50 years in the maritime industry, the crew change crisis has been unprecedented in the devastating impact it has had on seafarers around the world”, Poulsson added. “We will be feeling the ripple effect of this crisis for years to come.”

Actions to support crew welfare

  • Implement free onboard Wifi to give crew better access to family and support networks
  • Deploy Online learning programs for crew and vessel managers
  • Enhance employee benefits packages that include mental health resources within the insurance policy
  • Increase access to support resources like Employee Assistance Programs
  • Place greater emphasis on crew needs and redesign training programs
  • Adopt new technology that supports health and safety
  • Create positive work environments and team cultures to build employee morale and drive change
Supporting superyacht crew and seafarer welfare and mental health
Technology improvements in the shipping industry improving efficiency and crew health and safety standards

Industry Insights – Future Tech driving change

Big Data Analysis, and the Internet of Things (IoT), are increasingly being used on vessels to improve vessel management, crew safety, ultimately driving shipping efficiency and delivery times.

Here are 5 Technologies advances to know about:-

1. Autonomous Control Systems

This technology supports vessel navigation to ensure routes are adhered to and vessels stay on time. It also brings many advantages during port operations when maneuvering in tight spaces and reducing collisions

2. Big Data Analysis

In-depth analysis is used to collect as many data points as possible relating to a ship’s cargo, trim & stability, navigational issues, and engine performance. The data is analyzed and compared against targets and benchmarks to support crews and vessel owners in driving output.

Industry Insights – Future Tech driving change

3. IoT on Vessels

With Iot on board, there is greater control of key electrical and hydraulic systems and the ability to closely monitor the crew. This not only improves overall systems management but can be critical in emergency situations where a captain needs to warn his crew or isolate certain areas of a ship

4. Augmented Reality

AR is being used for training purposes and to help the students gain hands-on experience without having to be on board a physical vessel.  This training is more beneficial during high-risk safety scenarios.  AR is being used in areas of maintenance and repair work where specialist technicians can remotely assess issues and provide advice.

5. Robots and Drones

Some companies are already using robots in high-risk repair situations and drones are being deployed to not only inspect things like hull/vessel integrity but also used as an early warning mechanisms in the event of piracy.

International private medical insurance for seafarers