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Expat Health Insurance for Individuals and Families

Health Cover Now provides affordable expat health insurance for individuals and families by giving comprehensive and practical advice. Safeguarding your health and that of your family is essential whether you are relocating abroad for the first time or are a seasoned expatriate.


We understand that our clients are real people, with real lives. Travelling and working abroad can be challenging enough, without having to navigate the complex world of health insurance. Health Cover Now is a new generation brokerage, providing real solutions that are relevant to today’s dynamic world.


Your family’s health and the investment you make to protect it will be one of the most crucial considerations you will have to make before moving abroad.

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Why purchase International Private Medical Insurance?

Avoid costly medical expenses and protect yourself if you are :-

  • Moving abroad for the first time on an expatriate assignment
  • Looking to review your current policy and considering better cover
  • Starting a family and considering your options for family planning where you need cover for routine maternity, complications of pregnancy, homebirths, and for newborn babies.
  • Wanting to boost cover on your locally issued plan from their employer

We understand how confusing foreign medical systems can be, and with medical prices rising annually, we take the time to assist clients in selecting affordable health coverage.


Health Cover Now can prepare free quotes from our panel of health insurers we work with and is committed to giving you the best advice so you can make an informed decision about your new policy. For affordable expat health insurance for individuals and families please inquire with us today.

What to consider when evaluating international health insurers?

When you evaluate international health insurance providers, you should study policy benefits and premium costs, but you should also consider these important factors.:-

  • 24/7 Global Emergency Support
  • Direct Billing Hospital Network
  • Fast claim refunds, and trackable claims process
  • Treatment guarantee and pre-approval for high-cost treatments
  • Wellness Initiatives and advisory services
  • Lifetime renewability and portability of cover

As an expatriate, you must consider buying health insurance to cover unexpected and expensive medical expenses abroad. Remember that your domestic safety nets such as Medicare, the NHS, Medicaid and CMU will not provide you with cover.


Choosing a trustworthy and knowledgeable insurance broker is important when selecting your insurer as they simply the process and assist you in making an informed choice. Affordable expat health cover for individuals and families shouldn’t be a complicated decision.


International expat health insurance gives you the freedom to select your preferred doctor and healthcare facility without worrying about expensive medical costs, letting you focus on enjoying your new home and experience abroad.

Important benefits to review when comparing health insurance companies including global alarm center support, direct billing network, fast claims process and lifetime renewability of the policy

What are the benefits of an international medical insurance policy?

These are some of the standard benefits included in an international medical insurance policy.

Affordable expat health cover for individuals and families should be clearly explained and outlined.

(*subject to change depending on your provider)

Inpatient Benefits

Hospitalizations in private or semi-private rooms

Inpatient Surgeries

Cancer Treatment

Transplant Services and Kidney Dialysis

Diagnostic Procedures

Advanced Medical Imaging (MRI, CT, PET)

Organ Transplants

Ambulance Cover

Emergency Dental

Emergency Evacuation that includes travel costs

Medical Repatriation that includes Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Outpatient Benefits

In-patient benefits plus the following

Consultations with GPs and Specialists

Outpatient Surgeries

Diagnostic tests

Emergency Dental

Prescription Medication

Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment

Complimentary Therapies such as Acupuncture, Osteopathy and Podiatry

Speech Therapists and Dieticians

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Add-On Benefits

Maternity Cover (Routine and Complications)

Dental Cover

Annual Health Checks (Pap Smears, Mammograms, and Cancer Screenings)

Child Immunizations and Vaccinations

Vision and Eye Tests and Prescriptions Glasses

Second Medical Opinion

Travel Insurance

What impacts your policy

and how can we help?

If you choose to work with Health Cover Now, one of our knowledgeable brokers will learn about your specific requirements, whether you are an individual or a family. The diagram illustrates the main aspects of an health insurance policy that will affect your policy’s annual premium.


It’s critical to know if you or your family members have any pre-existing conditions before applying for individual or family coverage.

A health insurer’s decision on whether or not to approve your application will be based in part on these considerations.


Affordable expat health insurance for individuals and families inquire below.

Five important factors that

impact your policy

including pre-existing conditions, deductibles, benefits and coverage
Health cover now offers the knowledge and expertise to assist you with your pre-existing conditions and insurance company application.

We can help if you have pre-existing medical conditions

Dealing with a pre-existing condition is complex that should be dealt with when purchasing international health insurance. Our advisers will take the time to discuss your options, but put simply, a pre-existing condition is a disease, illness, or ailment for which you have previously received treatment or exhibited symptoms.


When obtaining insurance, a contract is formed between the insurer and the insured. The contract provides an equal risk transfer between the insurer and the insured party. If there are pre-existing conditions, the risk of medical costs increases, making it difficult to offer coverage and transfer this as part of the contract.


Insurers will always assess an application and may request more information for any pre-existing conditions declared. Remember that if you do not declare a condition, your future claim will likely be denied and you will end up with a very expensive medical bill. Approximately 25% of all applications must disclose pre-existing conditions.


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Risk Mitigation for Expatriates, Business Travellers 

While living overseas, many expatriates will experience new cultures and go to areas that could be outside their comfort zone. Sometimes, travellers engage in activities that could pose additional dangers. They may also become accustomed to behaviours they would not normally engage in their home countries..

“A perfect example might be travelling to work in taxis that don’t have passenger seat-belts or riding scooters daily without wearing a helmet”  (HR Manger – BASF) 

Risks factors can be broken into the following categories:-

Less serious and more easily managed – Likelihood is high

  • Psychological:- Stress, Burnout, Fatigue, Lack of Support
  • Physical:- Sports Injury , Traffic Accidents , Pollution
  • Societal:- Food related illness, Culture Shock , Substance Abuse

More serious and more difficult to manage – Likelihood is low

  • Environmental:- Disease (Pandemic), Natural Disaster
  • Security:- Crime, Terrorism, Hostage, Political and Civil unrest

Some travel advisory websites and country specific risk information:-

Foreign Travel Advice – United Kingdom
Travel Advisories – United States
Smart Traveller – Australia
To mitigate health and safety risks when travelling overseas it is crucial to be prepared and have the right insurance in lace

Here are some tips to help:- 

  • Prepare E copies of all your important documents and keep them on your smart phone and also email them to yourself

  • Check government websites and travel warnings before you depart and periodically whilst abroad

  • Share travel plans and itineraries with colleagues and/or loved ones
  • Know your local area and closest medical facilities and discuss with the family
  • Know all the emergency numbers in your new home country
  • Ensure your children’s school is well versed on the above and your health insurance details are shared with them
  • Avoid local rallies and mass protests which often leads to escalation
  • Wear seatbelts and helmets when travelling by car and motorcycle
  • Be more aware of your surroundings and careful with scammers who target foreigners