Energy & Mining

 International Health Insurance Solutions for the Energy Sector

Attract, retain, and motivate in an environment and sector that is fiercely competitive for talent.


Workers from these sectors are exposed to increased risks and can work in remote locations with limited medical infrastructure.


A transition to new energy sources will drive change in the industry relating to employee needs and preferences.


Organizations will continue to comply with frameworks governing the industry to meet their Duty of Care toward employees.


Exclusive plans and benefits have been designed for the sector to ensure companies get the right coverage at the right price.

Key features of your policy

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    Medical referrals and advice

    Receive expert medical opinions Comprehensive Benefits and referrals from in-house specialists anytime of the day

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    Comprehensive Benefits

    Higher benefit limits are available Transplant services paid in full Full coverage for eligible cancer treatments

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    Pre-Existing Conditions Covered

    Group applications do not need to disclose medical conditions under a medical history disregarded policy

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    My Health Portal

    Manage your policy directly, seek advice on benefits and track your claims progress

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    Local, Regional and Global Cover

    Tailor plans to suit the mobility needs of your employees

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    Emergency Support & Medevac

    24/7 Emergency Support services Full coverage for medevacs and repatriation

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    E-Health & E-Psychologist

    Mental Health resources to assist your workers in remote locations

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    Exclusive Sector Plans

    Plans have been specifically designed for the energy and mining sector

What are the standard benefits of an international medical insurance policy?

These are some of the standard benefits included in an international medical insurance policy.

(*subject to change depending on your provider)

Inpatient Benefits

Hospitalizations in private or semi-private rooms

Inpatient Surgeries

Cancer Treatment

Transplant Services and Kidney Dialysis

Diagnostic Procedures

Advanced Medical Imaging (MRI, CT, PET)

Organ Transplants

Ambulance Cover

Emergency Dental

Emergency Evacuation that includes travel costs

Medical Repatriation that includes Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Outpatient Benefits

Inpatient benefits plus the following

Consultations with GPs and Specialists

Outpatient Surgeries

Diagnostic Tests

Emergency Dental

Prescription Medication

Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Treatment

Complimentary Therapies such as Acupuncture, Osteopathy and Podiatry

Speech Therapy and Dieticians

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Add-On Benefits

Maternity Cover (Routine and Complications)

Dental Cover

Annual Health Checks (Pap Smears, Mammograms, Cancer Screenings)

Child Immunizations and Vaccinations

Vision and Eye Tests and Prescriptions Glasses

Second Medical Opinion

Travel Insurance

Health cover solutions for employees in the mining sector

Unparalleled Support Across the Energy and Mining Industries

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international private medical Insurance for employees on offshore oil rigs

Specialists in People Risk Management and
International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance solutions best suited to the following occupations*

*Oil and Gas

We have expertise across upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. Providing support for onshore, offshore, and corporate environments.

  • Project Management and Consultancy
  • Exploration and Development
  • Production facilities/platforms
  • Transportation, pipeline, or vessels
  • Gathering, Separation, and Storage
  • Power and Utilities
  • Processing and Refining
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
Health insurance solutions across all aspects of the oil and gas industry
Comprehensive private medical insurance for mining employees

*Metals and Mining

We take the time to understand your needs to customize complete health insurance solutions for your employees, allowing you to focus on your business goals.

  • Mining Production Consultants
  • Mineral exploration consultants
  • Metallurgy consultants
  • Mineralogy consultants
  • Geology Consultants
  • Resource Consultants
  • Engineering and tech specialists
  • Environmental and Audit services

Energy Sector Health Insights

Oil and Gas

  • Increased pressure and instability on workers especially contractors
  • Mental Health issues have been exacerbated by Covid and job security issues
  • Over 70,000 days lost due to mental health in the UK during 2019
  • Cardiovascular issues were the main cause of medevacs, 41% of cases were in males between 55 and 64
  • Obesity is a concern with 75% of workers having a BMI over 25
  • Over 80% of workers would consider moving jobs outside of the oil & gas industry
  • A transition to renewables will allow energy players to rebuild employee confidence
  • Oil and gas companies must boost employee morale and confidence by improving employee perks, promoting work-life balance, and eventually reducing the danger of individuals leaving the business.

Source:- Intl SOS 2019 Report on North Sea Energy Sector / Platform London-2020 Oil & Gas Workers Report

Health Insurance solutions for employees on offshore oil rigs
Health and Safety solutions for employees in the mining sector

Technology Trends and Worker Safety

Metals and Mining

  • Mine sites place a high priority on worker health & safety and use Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) and Lost Lime Injury Frequency (LTIF) as KPIs for measuring performance
  • Increased research into automated mobile mining technologies to reduce risk at the rock face and how this impacts the workforce
  • AR based training initiatives are being deployed to upskill workers without the risk of injury
  • Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are providing feedback to operators to ensure workers avoid high-risk hazards via geo-fencing
  • Together with IOTs, wearable tech devices are being deployed to monitor worker’s vitals, providing key health diagnostic information
  • Currently Mine sites lack the infrastructure and connectivity to roll out fully integrated health and safety systems

Source – Deloitte’s Insights-On the Road to Zero Harm